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Crushgrind kit


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Crushgrind kit

With this Crushgrind kit, you have everything you need to make your own salt and pepper mills. This kit comes with two Crushgrind grinders 19.5 cm long, a piece of European ash wood and American walnut. Both pieces of wood are pre-drilled at 13 cm deep. The diameter of the tennon, sits at 52 mm. This kit is an ideal base for a salt and pepper set where there is still room for your own design. You can do the following:

  • make pepper and salt mill from 1 piece, when you cut off the body to the length of the drilled hole, you keep enough wood to make the turning knob from the same piece of wood. Note that the diameter where the turning head goes in is 22 mm.
  • Make pepper and salt grinders using a different piece of wood as the turning knob, then you can drill the 25 mm hole further and use the whole length of the 19.5 cm Crushgrind grinder.
  • you get Crushgrind grinders that are 19.5 cm long, you can easily shorten them to the desired size with a metal saw.

In short, with this Crushgrind kit you have everything you need to make your own grinders without needing all diameters of drill bits.

The video below explains in steps how to make such a pepper mill.


Want to make more mills more often? Then the Crushgrind mini or the Crushgrind drill is a godsend, allowing you to make the right diameters and depths in the wood with 1 drilling motion.


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