Stratos FU230 LV

Stratos FU230 LV


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Stratos FU230 LV

The Stratos FU230 LV is undoubtedly the best-selling lathe at the moment. That makes sense, the lathe offers great value for relatively little money. This is the extra-long version. The bed, legs, fixed and loose head are made of cast iron, making the Stratos 230 FU a stable bench with virtually no vibrations. The fixed head can be rotated and moved, allowing you to find a good spot for every workpiece. Between the centres, you can clamp up to 100 cm in diameter. Using the optional external turning device, enormous diameters can be achieved. The external turning device consists of a bed extension that can be hung on the bench at various points and an elevation of the chisel support.

Supplied with the Stratos FU230 LV is:

– carriage 25 mm
– rotating counter-centre
– chisel support 350 mm
– clamping plate 150 mm
– MK2 centring system (after adjusting the fixed head, the fixed and loose head are perfectly centred again within seconds)
– ejector rod
– spanner to unscrew the clamping plate from the spindle
– instruction manual

The Stratos FU230 LV features as standard:

– a frequency converter
– a powerful 2 HP (1.5 kW) motor
– 2 directions of rotation
– very smooth running
– the highest precision in its price class .

Technical data:

– Centre height: 230 mm
– Between centres: 1000 mm
– Speeds: 80 – 1350 / 180 – 3700 U/min
– Moveable control box (with magnets), on/off switch, forward/reverse switch and speed control.
– Digital speed display
– Motor: 1.5 kW /2 HP (230 V)
– Threads on shaft: M33 x 3.5 and shaft take-up MC2
– Loose head: MC2 with cm distribution on the pinole
– a particularly easy-to-read 24-stage spindle lock
– chisel support shaft: 1 inch (25.4 mm)
– Weight: approx. 195 kg
– max dimensions: L x W x H: 1760 x 510 x 1230 mm

5 Year Warranty
Everything described above is once again summarised in a film (in German)


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