Stratos 230 FU

Stratos 230 FU


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The Stratos 230 FU is undoubtedly the most sold lathe at the moment. That makes sense, the bank offers a lot of value for relatively little money. The bed, the legs, the fixed and the loose head are made of cast iron, which makes the Stratos 230 FU a stable bench with virtually no vibrations. The fixed head is swivel and shiftable, which makes it a good place for each piece of work.


-25 mm-Coverter with center-chisel support 350 mm-clamping plate 150 mm-Center system MK2 (after setting the fixed head is within seconds the fixed and loose head again perfectly centered)-eject rod-key to the clamping plate of the shaft Turning off-User manual

The Stratos 230FU standard features:

-A frequency inverter-a powerful motor with 2 horsepower (1.5 KW)-2 turning directions-very quiet loop-the highest precision in its price range.

Technical data:

-Center Height: 230 mm-Between the centers: 800 mm-speeds: 80-1350/180-3700 U/min-Portable control cabinet (with magnets), on/off switch, forward/reverse switch and speed control. -Digital speed readout-engine: 1.5 KW/2 hp (230 V)-threaded on the axle: M33 x 3.5 and axle recording MC2-loose head: MC2 with a cm distribution on the Pinoe-a particularly good readable 24 steps asvergrendeling-Beitelsteunas: 1 inch (25.4 mm)-weight: approx. 178kg-Max Sizes: L x W x H: 1350 x 510 x 1230 mm

5 Year Warranty

Everything described above is summarized again in a film (German language) Https://


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