Course/workshop Wood running general Information

Course/workshop Wood running general Information


Additional information at a workshop wood run.

At the beginning of 2016, the workshop was converted into a workshop Annex course Local. There are always at least 6 lathes so that each student has their own bank. These courses are also announced on Facebook. To be kept informed of the course offer click here on ' I like '. There are several courses. A basic course in 8 evenings, scales rotate, thread stroking and hollow shapes rotate. If you want to join one of these workshops and there is "sold out" on the site, please send me a message, and I'll send you a message when your workshop or course is scheduled again! Furthermore, I will occasionally invite guest wood turners to give a workshop.

Where is it?

Wardsestraat 15, 7031 HD, New-Wagner. Easy to reach by car or train. You may be picked up from the drive. Click here for a map.

What kind of lathe is taught?

On a number of different banks. All these banks are among the top in their price range. Interesting so if you are considering buying a lathe but still doubt what it should be. The lathes are from Oneway, Vicmarc and Stratos.

Do I have to bring my own chisels?

No, that's not necessary. It may be natural, if you want to sharpen them, or want advice… But all tools and wood are present.

Can I stay near somewhere?

Sure! In the historical town of Doesburg is a hotel but also a beautiful B&B. In The Arsenal I like to come for a drink or a meal.  A well-groomed, quiet, clean, beautiful B&B is that of Nicole Buschman (06-20405558 or But also closer to the area is possible. Click here. I have received many good reactions about the Elzenpas.  But also about hostess Thea gelsing and her B&B is spoken of praise. (0314-681027 or 0657329995) This B&B is located near the station in Wagner. Beautiful is also the tourist Zeddam on the edge of the Montferland.

How big is the group?

A group consists of up to 5 people.

Is it dangerous?

No. Nevertheless, we take a number of precautions. Each student carries behind the lathe face protection. Make rings or chains and do not wear fluttering clothing or shawls.

Can I also get a private lesson?

Yes that can! If you want to take as much information as possible in one day, or have specific questions or problems, private tuition can be a good solution. The cost for a day private tuition amounts to €265,–. To schedule an appointment, please contact us by mail or phone.


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