Woodcut Pro-Forme hollower

Woodcut Pro-Forme hollower

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de Woodcut Pro-Forme Hollower.

The ultimate hollowing tools come from Woodcut from New Zealand. The cutting head of the Pro-Forme consists of a hook with a shavings limiter. This chip limiter is easy and very precise to adjust over the entire cutting surface. The cutting head is mounted on a rod that is particularly hard and absorbs vibrations very well. The tool is suitable for really deep hollowing. The cutting head is made from hardened M2 HSS. The hook is open at the rear end to ensure that it does not clogged. The chisel itself is not that long, but the handle is and the handle can be extended again! The handles can be screwed together. A tool of approximately 125 cm is created! The straight rod is used the most, but cannot turn “under a shoulder”. That is why there is also a set with a gooseneck and the most extensive set also has a slightly curved rod. That comes in handy if you made a vase in endgrain and you are going to finish the inside of the vase wall.

Irons Toolgate

With the Irons Toolgate you make a tool rest IN your workpiece. The chisel or the handle is placed on the tool rest and hinges there.


The cutting head (Powerhead) can easily be sharpened with a diamond file. Move the diamond file diagonally upwards over the bevel.

3 sets

There are 3 sets available from this set. Choose the set you want in the pull-down menu.

Starter set – 1 straight chisel with handle
intermediate set – 1 straight chisel and 1 gooseneck chisel. 1 handle.
Advanced set – 1 straight, a slightly curved and a gooseneck chisel. 1 handle

An additional handle is also available. And if you prefer to make your own handle, or if you already have a handle, you can also buy the tools without the handle. The cutting head (the powerhead) is also available separately.


If you slide the tool far into the handle and attach a second handle, you get a super stable, hardly vibrating chisel with which you can hollow real deep.

In use

Here you see the woodcut Pro-Forme in use


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Woodcut Pro-Forme

advanced set, intermediate set, starter set


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