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Thread Chasers


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Thread chasers

One of the nicest things to do in wood is thread chasing. A master in doing this is Jan Hovens. He makes these thread chasing chisels himself.  They are consistently high in quality. The handles are of Robinia and finished with oil. Thread chasing is a piece of work that demands a bit of concentration, but is also addictive! Use preferably wood with a fine grain and preferably the grain running between centers. For wood species with an open structure, chasing is less good. Most suitable are hornbeam, Cocobolo, mahogany, olive wood, ebony, yew. Sharpening these chisels goes with a CBN or diamond file. Click here. Should the wood break out (because the structure is not so good, or the wood type is less suitable) you can impregnate the wood in advance with oil. Turn the wood onto the right thickness, start chasing, stop halfway and soak with oil.

Recess tool

A recess tool is required to caress a thread on the inside.


What is the thread you want to chase? You can choose 3.5 mm, 16 tpi, 12 tpi or 10 tpi in the drop-down menu. (You only choose the pitch, you determine the diameter yourself. So you can make M33 x 3.5, but also M44.5 x 3.5)

A pitch of 3.5 mm means that there is 3.5 mm from top to top. This thread is metric. A pitch of 12 tpi means 12 teeth per inch, so is about 2.1 mm. This thread is imperial.


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10 tpi, 12 tpi, 16 tpi, 3,5 mm


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