Ring Chisel parts for the Oneway Termite.

Ring Chisel parts for the Oneway Termite.

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The Termite is a superior ring chisel. The Termite can make you more beautiful, neater and deeper hollow in the wood. And an exercised screwdriver will be able to make the most beautiful finishes! All parts of the Termite are also sold separately:

#1 Termite Bit (the smallest ring, plus minus 5 mm)-art. No. 2161-€ 22.50

#2 Termite Bit (the middle ring, plus minus 10mm)-art. No. 2162-€ 24.50

#3 Termite Bit (the largest ring, plus minus 15mm)-art. No. 2163-€ 25.95

Grinding block (for a sturdy grip during grinding)-art. No. 2164-€ 8.95

Sharpening pin-art. No. 2166-€6.10

Special Barazon/CBN Grinding pin (has a many times longer life span)-art. No. 2936-€ 14.95

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Termite components

#1 Termite Bit 2161, #2 Termite Bit 2162, #3 Termite Bit 2163, Borazon/CBN grinding point, grinding block 2164, grinding point 2166


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