Crown Bowl Gouge 16 mm

Crown Bowl Gouge 16 mm


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Crown bowl gouge 16 mm.

A bowl gouge, made in Sheffield in M2 HSS steel. The gouge is 16 mm wide.  This tool is used when the grain of the wood is perpendicular to the spindle. When turning bowls and platters for instance. The gauge is 16 mm wide and therefore used for many applications. The beech handle is 35 cm long. This chisel is also part of a set. A fingernail profile can be grinded to this chisel if desired. If you would like so please add a note  to your order.


Often there is confusion about the thickness/width of the guts. This is because the English measure the width of a bowlgouge from the outside of the chisel to the inside of the flute. The rest of Europe gives the thickness of the material as a measure of the gauge. How to use a fingernail profile can be seen in the video below.

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steel grade

HSS M2, M 42


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