Cutting head for the Crown Revolution

Cutting head for the Crown Revolution


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Revolution hollowing tool, the cutting chisel

The most sold hollowing chisel is the Revolution. There are 3 versions of this chisel but they all use the same head. Crown has opted for a different chip limiter than the 2 other large hollowing chisels. The Spaanbegrenzende ring that is in the cutting ring ensures that no blockages will occur between particle limiter and cutting ring. This particle limiter still has an important advantage. Apart from being moved forward and back, he can also move to the left and right. This makes sure that you can run better under one shoulder. The cutting chisel is made of Cryogenic steel and is therefore well sharpened. The cutting chisel is supplied with particle limiter.


Mark Sanger (English wood-Turner) made an introductory movie at the Crown Revolution. (He doesn't use the hook handle which I always do…)   [Embed] v = Hfi3wdYaBRA [/embed] and Part 2: v = MqK9TsPMuCA


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