Woodcut pro mount

Woodcut pro mount


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Woodcut pro mount

The Pro Mount is a delight for woodturners who embellish their turning with carvings, pyrography or paint. Remove your workpiece from the lathe and place the Pro Mount in your toolrest holder. You can now craft your workpiece at the right working height and place it in every conceivable position and clamp it securely! Then back on the lathe is easy! After all, you don’t have to clamp the workpiece in the four-jaw chuck again…. So from now on, you no longer have to hang over your workpiece in an impossible position… 🙂


The Pro Mount has an M33 x 3.5 thread to mount your four-jaw chuck, and a 1-inch or 30-mm shaft (choose from the pull down menu) to insert into the toolrest holder.

360 degrees

Two independent locking levers allow you to rotate your workpiece both horizontally and vertically. The outer handle controls horizontal rotation, allowing you to rotate your work 360 degrees. The inner handle controls the 360-degree vertical rotation. So there is always the right position to find.

Sturdy and versatile

Once the handles are locked, your work does not move and cutting or decorating can begin.

From lathe to decorating to lathe

A freshly turned workpiece can be placed on the Pro-Mount while it remains in the four-jaw chuck, so it can be placed directly back on the lathe to finish turning as soon as e.g. the carving is completed.

Manual and videos

A comprehensive user manual is included in the box with your Pro-Mount. User manual and demonstration videos available on Woodcut’s YouTube channel.

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25,4 mm (1 inch), 30 mm


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