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3236 Dovetail jaws for the Stronghold chuck

3236 Dovetail jaws for the Stronghold chuck


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3236 Dovetail jaws for the Stronghold chuck

These dovetail jaws (3236) are made for clamping bowls, for example. Make sure you have a well-fitting foot on your workpiece.


Manufacturer Oneway from Canada has several types of jaws.

  • Dovetail jaws. (Dovetail, smooth) Precise grip on scales, for example. Work best on 1 specific diameter, namely when the jaws together exactly form a circle.
  • Serrated jaws (Serrated) The ridges grip into the wood. Work best on 1 specific diameter, i.e. when the jaws together form exactly a circle.
  • Ribbed and profiled (Premium Profiled) The jaws are not round on the inside but are profiled in such a way that square wood or other shapes can also be clamped well. The jaws are ribbed.
  • Tower jaws are high jaws, made to hold long workpieces. Tower jaws are available both “premium profiled” and “serrated”.
    If you want advice on which jaws to use, take a look at this video. This link starts at the section on jaws.


For the sizes of all available jaws, see this table


Oneway produces 3 types of square jaws. The Stronghold, the Talon and the Oneway. The jaws for the Oneway and the Talon are interchangeable. The Stronghold square jaw has its own series of jaws.


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