Spiralling and Texturing tool, Robert Sorby

Spiralling and Texturing tool, Robert Sorby


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Spiralling and Texture tool.

The Spiralling tool (330H) by Robert Sorby makes very easy spirals or thread-like embellishments in your woodwork. But also an area like an orange peel or with very fine pits in the surface of your workpiece. All, you should actually see it. Let your creativity run free, with this chisel succeeding. The angle under which the chisel works is decisive for the shape of the decoration you make. This angle is good to set and the support plate makes sure that the chisel is firmly on the chisel support. The spiralling and texture tool is very easy to use.

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There are 4 chisels (COG wheels) included. Each wheel makes its own characteristic decoration. and a clear user manual explains how to use them, but the film below also explains it well. [Embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 3Fc0tiG2DN0 [/embed]


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