spirit stains Chestnut

spirit stains Chestnut


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The Spirit Stains from Chestnut is a series of stains with an intense color. To experiment endlessly with mixing colors. This is the rainbow series. One bottle contains 250 ml and there are several colors available. The colors can be mixed with each other. This is possible in a pot but also during the application to the wood. After applying the color it is advisable to put a finish over the stains. The wood grain remains clearly visible. The colors are highly UV-resistant, fast-drying and, when applied, make the surface hardly rougher due to saturated wood fibers. The colors score high in the Blue Wool Scale, the way to measure “wear” of colors.  A dilutor is available for the spirit stains. This is not to change the viscosity of the stains, but to make the colors more transparent / subtle.


with Cloth, brush, spray, foam brush.

Drying time

Usually within five minutes.


approx. 4-8 m² per liter


Spirit Thinners, Cellulose Thinners or Methylated SpiritSafety considerationsLighly flammable or warnings for cans for all details). Tips Make sure that wood is clean and dry before use.

Additional information


black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, royal blue, yellow


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