No Visible Oil

No Visible Oil

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An invisible protection for wood!

Wood is at its best when it has only been sanded and not finished with an oil, lacquer or wax. But yes, then you will have spots on it quickly. This water-based oil does what it says. Protects like a paint, but you don’t see it!

No Visible Oil

is an invisible 1-component water-based oil. It contains the properties of a varnish and is suitable for finishing new, untreated or white sanded wood.

is suitable for light-colored woods. Do not use it on veneer wood thinner than ± 1.5 mm, to avoid glue penetration.

is a product made from emulsified oils, water soluble resins and other nanotechnology based components.

provides an invisible and non-glossy finish.

contains anti-UV agents that provide lasting protection for the wood against yellowing while preserving the wood’s color and natural charm.

is odorless and environmentally friendly.

does not require regular retreatment unlike traditional oils.


Suitable for protecting light-colored wooden interiors. Doors, stairs, parquet and other wooden objects for decorative use.
Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3 (2H) -one. May produce an allergic reaction


Completely invisible: perfectly preserves the color and naturalness of wood.
Easy to apply: applied like a lacquer.
A water-based product, no odor nuisance, very low VOC emissions.
No specific retreatment required as with oil.
contains an ecological UV filter against yellowing.


Sand the wood blank to at least grain 180 on floors. With decorative products, further sanding to grit 320 for example leads to a better result.
No Visible Oil can also be used on rough (unsanded) wood. Stir well before use. Stir so that no air bubbles form in the oil. Application of No Visible Oil at a temperature between 13 and 25 degrees and at a relative humidity between 30 and 60 (especially important when applying to floors.)


Apply the product evenly and finish in the direction of the wood fibers.
make sure that thickening is avoided. Apply in smaller zones of 1 to 2 m2. Make sure to apply the edges wet on wet (within 6 min). The whitish appearance on the product disappears after a few minutes as the product dries.
If the first coat has been applied, a drying time of approximately 4 hours (depending on the circumstances) is required before applying the second coat. After this, sanding should be done with a fine grain before applying a third layer. Soft porous woods may require a fourth coat. When used on parquet, 0.3 liters per square meter must be used. If not, apply another coat.


About 10 m2 per layer per liter. The recommended amount for a complete treatment is 200 to 240 gr / m2, which corresponds to a total consumption of 1.5 L per 5 m2 of finished parquet.

To dry

Dust dry: 30 min. Under normal conditions.
Sandable after 4 hours under normal conditions. Do not leave a break of more than 48 hours between 2 coats. Full cure after 5 to 7 days.
Temperature, humidity and the thickness of the applied layers can influence the drying time of the product. After a week the oil will reach its maximum hardness.

Cleaning your tools

Tools can be cleaned with water after use.


No visible oil complies with the EN 71.3 «Safety of toys» standard.


No Visible Oil is available in 0.5 liter, 1 liter or 5 liter packaging. (choose from the pull down menu) The HDPE bottles have a screw cap and a large opening for a brush to pass through.

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