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Ziricote is a heavy wood with a often beautifully whimsical drawing. The wood is widely used as veneer and in guitar construction. The wood it's hard but lets it run fine. Choose the size from the pull down menu. If you need other dimensions please contact us. Wood is a natural product and every piece of wood is different. The wood in the photograph is intended as an example and will never be exactly the same as the piece that is sent. Wood can sometimes contain a small tear or an old worm hole. The wood is sealed with paraffin wax.

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dimensions of wood

100x100x50 (mm), 100x100x60 (mm), 120x120x35 (mm), 120x120x45 (mm), 120x120x50 (mm), 120x120x70 (mm), 125x125x60 (mm), 130x115x45 (mm), 140x140x70 (mm), 150x150x35 (mm), 150x150x40 (mm), 150x150x50 (mm), 150x150x60 (mm), 170x170x35 (mm), 170x170x45 (mm), 170x170x70 (mm), 200x200x45 (mm), 200x200x50 (mm), 200x200x60 (mm), 210x210x65 (mm), 220x220x100 (mm), 220x220x60 (mm), 225x225x75 (mm), 22x22x300 (mm), 250x250x45 (mm), 250x250x50 (mm), 270x135x100 (mm), 280x280x50 (mm), 280x280x60 (mm), 290x290x45 (mm), 300x300x60 (mm), 30x30x300 (mm), 30x45x175 (mm), 33x33x300 (mm), 340x340x45 (mm), 35x35x300 (mm), 40x40x300 (mm), 40x40x610 (mm), 45x45x300 (mm), 50x50x300 (mm), 60x60x300 (mm), 80x80x300 (mm), 90x90x50 (mm), 150x150x60 (mm)


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