Thuja Maser

Thuja Maser


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Thuja Maser.

A Thuja is a kind of conifer. This wood comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. If there are growings on the stem these are sawn and collected and then cut to slices. It is not for sale as shelves but as whimsically sawn shapes. This produces rare beautiful wood that smells delicious. The Thuja maser allows easy editing. The wood is somewhat greasy and is widely used in pens and other small twist work. But also knife makers are fond of it. The color is reddish brown to brown. The price is per kilo. If the wood needs special dimensions please give this to your order. The wood is plus minus 50 mm thick.


The Moroccan king also finds this particular wood. Therefore, the Moroccan king would rather not have the wood being carried out and it should actually remain in Morocco to be processed… But yes… There is no import ban In Europe…

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