Pear wood (thickness between 25 and 32 mm)

Pear wood (thickness between 25 and 32 mm)

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Pear wood is a wonderful wood for carving and turning. Pear wood is harder than cherry or apple with a compact, fine grain. Pear wood cracks and works quite a bit while drying, which is why it is often steamed to reduce the tension in the wood. This gives it a light pink hue.  Large pieces of pear wood are increasingly difficult to find, due to the changed way of growing pears. Growers used to use tall-stemmed orchards and now keep the trees low, resulting in erratically growing trees with many curves. The grain of the wood is very fine and there is harly any colour difference between sapwood and heartwood.


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Wood is a natural product and every piece of wood is different. The wood in the photo is intended as an example and will never exactly match the piece that is sent. Wood can sometimes contain a small crack or an old worm hole. The wood is sealed with paraffin.

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