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Ebony is heavy and compact wood with a beautiful black colour. Everyone knows the black piano keys made from it, but oboes and flutes are also made from it. The wood it is hard but turns fine. In the past, only the in and in black ebony was used. Nowadays, fortunately, we also use the wood when it has a dark brown discolouration.

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Wood is a natural product and every piece of wood is different. The wood in the picture is meant as an example and will never be exactly the same as the piece sent. Wood can sometimes have a small crack or an old wormhole. The wood is sealed with paraffin.

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dimensions of wood

150x150x60 (mm), 170 x 170 x 70 (mm), 250x250x50 (mm), 35 x 35 x 300 (mm), 40 x 40 x 300 (mm), 50 x 50 x 300 (mm), 80x80x300 (mm)


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