Fixum wood hardener

Fixum wood hardener

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Wood hardener

Fixum is a universal wood hardener, suitable for several applications. A water-thin, colorless liquid that really penetrates deep into the wood. How deep depends on the type of wood and the condition of the wood. It can be used on wood that has been damaged by insects or wood that is already slightly rotten. The bad/soft parts are penetrated to the maximum and are hard and firm again when Fixum has hardened. For example, it can be used very well to firm up the too soft parts of spalted  birch or beech.


Fixum can be applied with a brush, a syringe, injected or used in a pressure or vacuum container. The product is ready to use, thinning is usually not necessary. However, if the wood is very dense, thinning with up to 15% white acetone  may be required. Ensure the wood to be treated is clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, and any other loose material. Use a brush to generously apply the product, ensuring the wood is thoroughly saturated. Allow each coat to be fully absorbed by the wood before applying the next. Ideally, this should be conducted as an unbroken procedure to ensure optimal penetration, depends on the wood’s absorbency. Maintain this process of repeated applications until a surface film starts to appear.

Many applications

There are many possible applications for fixum:

  • repair insect-infested wood
  • make soft wood harder
  • harden rotten wood
  • preservation of soft wood
  • making wood suitable for painting and/or varnishing
  • waterproof porous wood
  • as a sanding sealer


Fixum wood hardener works with solvents. The drying time is therefore strongly dependent on how quickly those solvents can evaporate. Depending on the application, the wood and the condition of the wood, this can vary from an hour to 2 days. Touch dry on surface: 10-30 minutes  at 20 °C. When used in a vacuum container, it will therefore not harden in the vacuum container.


Fixum wood hardener contains flammable solvents. So be careful with smoking, naked flames or other sources of ignition.


There is also a more environmentally friendly version of this product. It’s called  ESACRYL AQUA . As the name suggests, it is a water-based liquid.

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