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Scaling support, Bowlsteady

Scaling support, Bowlsteady


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The scales support

These scales support, or bowl steady, is made for thin scales and large plates. Sometimes the edge starts to vibrate a little because the wood becomes too thin compared to  The resistance of the chisel. If you push the wheels of the scaling support against the edge of the scale, the scale can be easily tightened tightly. So your fingers no longer have to be on the rotating scale. With it you have better control over your chisel, it is safer and you keep sheet over on your fingers… Note: To assemble the glasses on your bed, you still need a clamp block. You can find the right clamp block here.


I used to use the bowl steady a lot, nowadays almost no more. If you work with really sharp chisels and the right technique, you often don't need the Bowl steady anymore. Nevertheless, it is a wonderfully good working tool.  


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