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turpentine Oil

Turpentine oil has a large number of names including Portuguese or Venetian turpentine, turpentine oil and so much more. It depends on where and how the stuff is made. In any case, turpentine oil is always the natural solvent used to dilute oil and products. Turpentine oil therefore cannot be used as a finish, only as a thinner of other oil.


Turpentine oil is extracted by tapping the juice of coniferous trees and dequieting that juice. The juice of the trees can be obtained by making a cut in the bark and hanging a jar as it is also done in latex. The juice can also be obtained from the roots and nowadays a lot of turpentine is made by leaving the tree with rest and instead winning the juice from the pine apples.  The Cokerije turpentine obtained from pine apples. Turpentine is often mistaken for white spirit. However, turpentine is the natural product while white spirit is a petroleum derivative with very different properties…

Be careful

Many people find turpentine oil smell good. This more or less pleasant air, however, is a “stinker” because that, in combination with the fact that it is a natural product, could give the impression that it would be harmless and that is unfortunately not the case; Also turpentine oil is harmful. The oils of DeCokerije contain no turpentine oil. If the products have to be diluted, turpentine oil is the right means. White spirit does not work!


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