Raw Tung, wood oil

Raw Tung, wood oil

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Raw Tung is particularly suitable for the finishing of, for example, cutting boards and hakblokken.
The seeds of the Tung tree that do have something of enormous chestnuts contain the valuable tung. From these seeds, the Chinese wood oil or tung is extracted with which wooden objects can be finished and protected both inside and outside so beautifully, and a silk shiny protective film                         Raw Tung is a finish product that gives a strong, flexible and water-repellent surface. Tung oil is a drying oil just like linseed oil. Tung oil is not only used in China for the processing of wood but also for the processing of stone. Moreover, Tung oil is seen as the best protection for wooden ships.  Tung is preferred over linseed oil because it dries faster, is stronger and is not so dark with time. Pure Tung oil is water resistant, penetrates well, is elastic and normally does not tear. Tung oil quickly gives a solid layer thickness, protects the wood excellently and gives a transparent, matte finish. You keep Tung oil the best in a sealed bottle with as little oxygen as possible (full bottles). Raw Tung oil smells somewhat like nuts, is pale yellow in color and contains no thinners or dry substances. Tung is one of the most important ingredients for all deCokerije products.

Application of pure wood oil

The surface should be smooth and dust free before the Tung oil is applied. The first layer of Tung oil needs to be applied well and can be rubbed into the wood using a dot cotton or an old rag. Let the tung oil retract for about 10 minutes and then remove the excess tung oil with clean, dry rags. After half an hour, check for wet places and remove the excess Tung oil. Keep the layers dry for 2 to 3 days; Open Porige wood species prefer one more day longer, before applying a next layer. How many layers of Tung oil are required is determined by the workpiece. For decorative objects, normally 2 to 4 layers of Tung oil are more than sufficient; On objects that are used intensively or on the wood can sometimes be applied 10 layers of Tung oil. To dilute this tung, turpentine oil is used (note: turpentine oil is slightly different from white). To do this, you can mix the Tung with, for example, 50% turpentine oil, which increases not only the penetrating power (and therefore the protective value), but also shortens the drying time of the Tung. If you want to shorten the drying time of the oil even further, you can add a splash of Siccatief (possibly additional) to the turpentine oil. Because of the strong water-repellent nature of Tung oil It is an excellent finish for kitchen tables, cutting boards, shower fittings and the like. Because Tung food is safe It can also be used beautifully for the processing of children's toys and furniture. Tung oil is also a wonderful product in the workshop. It gives a fine water repellent protection on all metal machine parts such as the tables and conductors of sawing, drilling and milling machines. It goes without saying that the wooden handles of your chisels in the workshop Tung oil are experienced as a real indulgence. Tung oil gives as said a matte finish. For a silk sheen or a glossy surface use the ' improved wood oil ' or ' improved Danish oil ' respectively. These layers can be placed over the layers of raw tung. Maintenance of a Tung finished surface is very simple. By occasionally applying a thin new layer of tung with a swab you can repair any damage and also increase the patina of older objects. A floor or other wooden object fitted with a layer of Tung no longer has to be made bare but only to be fitted with a new layer to make the surface more beautiful. Raw Tung has a drying time of several days to a week. The advantage of this is that the oil continues to penetrate long; The disadvantage is that dust can also stick in the surface at that time. If you want to tung but a much shorter drying time, choose improved wood oil.

Please note:

As with linseed oil, Tung also has the chance of spontaneous ignition of the used rags. So let it spread dry, keep them under water or in a closed metal drum. Never throw a opgefrommelde lap with Tung between the wood chips! Note that the layers are not made too thick so that no oil is dried on the wood! Always rub well after about 20 minutes so that no oil on the wood dries!        

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