Improved wood oil

Improved wood oil

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Improved wood oil

The highest quality wood oil, but then even better… And which is squeezed from the nuts of a tung. It smells pleasant, does not call the wood and is food safe. Tung is naturally quite thick and therefore sometimes difficult to process. For this reason, Tung is often offered diluted or advised to dilute the oil before it is applied.

The composition

By Tung in the right way and providing 1% of a mix of other high-quality natural oils, this ' improved wood oil ' is an oil of high quality that is easy to process while not containing solvents! This improved wood oil is extremely suitable for outdoor work, protects the wood from water and UV radiation, penetrates deep inside the wood and thus protects against ageing and dehydration. To this oil are siccatieven added that provide a nice even drying. Dilute the oil can with turpentine. Beware! Adding a thinner as turpentine also allows for faster drying!


In My work I use the improved wood oil on almost all my scales. After sanding, the improved wood oil is applied in thin layers with a cloth or brush. For the first layer I dilute with 30% turpentine oil, the second layer with about 10% and the third layer undiluted.  Repeat as needed. For indoor and outdoor work. Note that the layers are not made too thick so that no oil is dried on the wood! Always rub well after about 20 minutes so that no oil on the wood dries!

Store Wood oil.

Once the tin has arrived, I use a wine bottle that I seal with the Vacu fin to keep the oil.

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