Hardwax oil (1 liter)

Hardwax oil (1 liter)


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Hardwax oil from natural raw materials.

Hardwax oil is a mix of wax and oil. When applied to wood draws the oil into the wood and the wax remains on the surface of the wood behind it. That's all… Simple! However, it is often advisable to take a look at the text below… The Hardwax oil of DeCokerije is good quality hardwax oil based Tung and carnauba. These are 2 ingredients that are not so easy to merge. It requires a lot of knowledge to produce such an oil. Hardwax oil is excellently suited to protect wooden surfaces from dirt and stains. If the hardwax oil is applied correctly, it gives an untreated appearance to the surface. However, it can also be obtained from a glossy surface, e.g. Wood turning. Let the work (if the oil is slightly dried) quickly turn around and push a polishing cloth. The wax is now polished through the pressure and the frictional heat to a shiny surface.

Why choose Hardwax oil from DeCokerije?

  • Tung has been used. This means less yellowing than at (cheaper) Hardwaxolien on the basis of linseed oil or only solvents.
  • The Hardwax Oil of DeCokerije contains fewer solvents. So it is more pleasant to work with this oil, but above all you can treat a lot more wood with 1 liter of deCokerije hardwax oil! This makes the price per square metre significantly lower!
  • The wax in this oil is carnauba. The Queen of Wash…


How do I apply hardwax oil?

  1. Sand the surface with good quality sandpaper. When sanding, use all the following grains of sandpaper to get the best result. Remove in between the abrasive dust.
  2. Apply the Hardwax oil, depending on the workpiece with a brush, sponge, roller or cloth. Make sure that the entire surface is damp and work especially in thin layers.
  3. Treat places that quickly absorb the oil immediately once again and give in particular cracks, bevels, knots and such extra attention.
  4. Brush after about half an hour, but in any case while the oil is still wet, clean the surface with old rags to remove excess oil from the surface. So there should be no low oil left and dry on the wood!
  5. Avoid hotbeds in the used rags! Store the cloths in a bucket of water or let them spread dry. (The dry cloths with the cured oil meet particularly well as a:-)) in the stove.
  6. Possibly following layers after a day of waiting and putting so many layers until the wood is no longer absorbed and therefore saturated.
  7. Depending on the extent to which the surface is used, the oil film must be regularly replenished by applying a new layer of hardwax oil.
  8. For heavily taxed applications such as garden furniture, the wood for applying the hardwax oil should first be provided with a low impregnation oil to obtain maximum protection

Note that the layers are not made too thick so that no oil is dried on the wood! Always rub well after about 20 minutes so that no oil on the wood dries!

Store Wood oil.

Once the tin has arrived, I use a wine bottle that I seal with the Vacu fin to keep the oil.


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