Wood Wax 22

Wood Wax 22


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Chestnut Wood Wax 22 is a wax made of beeswax and carnauba wax and a solvent. The wax is almost transparent and colorless. The wax is soft and is very easy to use. Fast and easy to use.
It is ideal for wood turning, but also for furniture or to give already finished surfaces that soft “feel”.

Wood Turning

For maximum results, proceed as follows. Sand to a minimum of 240 or 320 grit and. Apply a coat of Sanding Sealer as directed and sand the work again with the next grain. Let your work run slowly and apply Wood Wax 22 with a soft cloth or paper towel and polish after about 1 minute at a higher speed.
If you want more / deeper shine, apply a second layer after half an hour.


Wood Wax 22 transparent is suitable for use on toys (EN71 standard).


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