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Stratos XL


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The new STRATOS XL, beast with precision…

The new Stratos XL is the result of a number of German developers of lathes who wanted to make a heavy, stable, quiet and precise machine. The machine can turn heavy pieces on, but can also rotate pins! Versatility for a favorable price!

A few highlights of the STRATOS XL:

-The 325 kg heavy machine is completely made up of cast iron components. -A 3 hp (2.2 kw) engine is strong and quiet. -The head is slidable and swivelable. There is always a comfortable position to be found to work in. -High precision. (a double cone marker is supplied for careful setting.) -The driving belt is about 3 pulleys to divide. This ensures all combinations between ' great strength ' and ' high speed '. -No less than 7 spaces available to hang a (optional) exterior turn-device or bedverlenging. -The Pinoe in the loose head can be turned up to a whopping 150 mm. -28 cm distance between the bed and the axle, max. Pivot diameter 56 cm (without outside rotary device). -The movable head can be worked with diameters up to 1 metre!

The Stratos XL comes standard with:

-Bed, legs, fixed head and loose head cast iron. -Participant Mk2-against center Mk2-Traplose frequency regulator. -24 mode divide disk. -Chisel support 400 mm (as 30 mm)-150 mm faceplate-front and reverse running motor. -Control box with magnets. -Steel hand wheel. -distance between centers ca. 750 mm (optional. To enlarge with a bedverlenging)-thread as M33 x 3.5-recording main axis and loose head MK2-frequency inverter. –Pulley 1 = 60-1,200 RPM–pulley 2 = 100-2,200 rpm–pulley 3 = 150-3,700 t/min

Optional available:

An outside turn-device/bedverlenging.

5 Year Warranty

-(LxWxH): 165 x 61 x 125 cm-height of the axle is 113 cm. Increase with set feet. Everything described above is summarized again in a film. A scale from Essen twisted by Franz Keilhofer… Https://


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