Tormek T4 with CBN wheel

Tormek T4 with CBN wheel


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The Tormek T4 is a slow running grinder with a 200 mm CBN wheel. A huge range of attachments are available so that almost anything can be ground perfectly with this machine. Bearings, construction and the quality of the motor ensure years of sharpening pleasure.


Following the T8, the T4 has also been improved on a number of points. The house partly made of die-cast zinc! This removes the last vibration and play. The mounting points for the universal sharpening attachment arm are also included in the cast cover. Furthermore, the housing has been made more closed.


I have been selling CBN grinding wheels for some time now and I am very enthusiastic about it. I myself do a lot of maintenance grinding on a Tormek with a CBN wheel with a very fine grit of CBN. This makes the mess with water unnecessary every day and the flattening of the stone is definitely a thing of the past! (click here for more info about CBN wheels) You can use the bevel of your chisel as a mirror to shave yourself!
Note: An adapter is included with the CBN wheel. The fit of this adapter can be very tight. If necessary, use a lubricant to slide the adapter over the shaft. If you find it necessary to use sandpaper, sand with a grit no coarser than 320 and only on the inside of the adapter. Although the water cistern is no longer necessary (a CBN wheel does not need that), the cistern has remained in place. If you put a magnet under the tray, the water tray acts as a collection tray for the sharps.
There is a choice of 3 types of grinding wheels. Grit 120, grit 280 (fine) or grit 500 (super fine).

Sharpening with a Tormek T4.

Chisels and gouges can be sharpened in many ways. This is often a time-consuming job that requires a lot of routine. The Tormek sharpening system has a “jig” for everything you want to sharpen. Handy attachments ensure that a bevel can be perfectly reproduced every time. After sharpening, polish on the leather strop and the chisel (or knife, or gouge) is razor sharp again! To use the leather strop you can use the universal sharpening attachment arm for exactly the same angle. However, I always do it freehand. The TTS 100 is useful to set the support at the correct distance to the wheel or the leather strap. I recommend the SVD 186 to sharpen profile gouges and bowl gouges.


– 200 mm CBN wheel grit 120, 280 or 500 grit.
– WM 200 angle adjustment template
– US 105 Support
– grinding paste for the leather wheel.
– wet oil for the leather wheel
– instruction booklet
– band aids


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120 grit, 280 grit, 500 grit


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