Yorkshire Grit Sanding Pasta

Yorkshire Grit Sanding Pasta


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Yorkshire Grit is conceived and created by Glyn Senior. He is a wood-turner and lives in… Yorkshire. The abrasive paste he makes consists of mineral oil, beeswax and very fine abrasive powder. The abrasive powder consists of 2 kinds of stone. Pumice stone and very finely ground “rotten” stone. During use, the abrasive particles become smaller, resulting in a finer sanded surface. It is therefore a kind of liquid sandpaper that gradually gets an increasingly finer grain. Yorkshire Grit can be used if you have sanded to grain 240. (320 works better, but higher than 400 is not necessary.  When finished, the surface looks like it is sanded with grain 1000. All ingredients are mixed without solvents.  Yorkshire Grit does not smell.

How to use.

Make sure your workpiece is neatly twisted and there are no pressure marks in the chisel. Shed your workpiece up to minimum grain 240 and up to 400. Make sure that the spores of the previous grain are sanded away. If necessary, use a sanding sealer to make the surface harder and smoother. When the sanding sealer is dried, apply the Yorkshire Grit with a piece of paper o.id.  On a stationary machine. Make rounded movements with the lap or paper so that the pores of the wood are also filled. If the whole surface is lubricated you start the bench at a low rpm. (15 cm diameter about 500 rpm) Use the same cloth or paper and firmly push it on the rotating workpiece. Gradually the speed can be raised. You will feel the pasta sanding and you feel that the abrasive grain becomes finer. Once you are satisfied with the surface you wipe the excess of the surface with a clean cloth. If there is no more pasta in the canvas you are ready to make a finish in the form of an oil or wax or Hampshire Sheen.


Yorkshire Grit is a preparation for the final finish. When you are done with the barn paste you bring the final finish. In The following film is that Hampshire Sheen, but it can also with e.g. Danish oil or improved wood oil or shellawax. [Embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = N8h3tu4GtyE [/embed]

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