5-6/11/2021 Workshop Woodturning. Hollow Forms.

5-6/11/2021 Workshop Woodturning. Hollow Forms.


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woodturning workshop, hollow forms

Woodturning is really fun to do. Especially when you have a good grasp of the techniques, it becomes more and more fun! In this woodturning workshop you learn to hollow, among others. In 2 days all the techniques of hollowing, cutting and scraping with all common chisels that are available on the market. You learn to deal with wet and dry wood and with end grain and side grain wood. We make a vase or pot or just a nice hollow shape.

How?holle vorm, urn

How do you cut a piece of wood from the tree? What kind of wood is suitable for forming a hollow shape? Which chisels do you use and why? how do you sharpen your chisels? What is a safe speed? Which wood do you use for what? What is a beautiful shape and why? At the end of the course you take your work home of course. Various tools are available on the market for hollowing out pieces of wood.  You will find most of those chisels in my workshop and of course you can use them. We also consider the finishing of the form. Oil? Lacquer? color or not? Can I make the mold watertight? For this course some experience in woodturning is required. Some experience with other woodworking is an advantage but not strictly necessary.

Where is it?

In Nieuw-Wehl at Wardsestraat 15, between Arnhem and Doetinchem, in the workshop of Ronald Kanne, wood turner and demonstrator. You work on the best lathes in the market. Oneway, Robust and Stratos. And everyone has a lathe for themselves, so you don’t have to share one with someone else. The next workshop will be held on October 16th and 17th. The coffee / tea / lunch, the wood and the use of the tools are of course included in the price.

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