05-06/10/2023 Bowl turning course

05-06/10/2023 Bowl turning course


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Turning Bowls.

Turning bowls is great fun to do. Especially if you master the techniques, it becomes easier and more fun! In this woodturning workshop you will learn how to turn platters and bowls. In 2 days all techniques of bowl turning, cutting woodturning. After this course you no longer need to have “catches” and you no longer need to sand away your turning marks with 40 grit…

Some experience in woodturning is required for this course. Some experience with other woodworking is an advantage but not strictly necessary.

Attention is paid to:

  • How do you cut a piece of wood from a tree?
  • Which chisels do you use and why?
  • How and when do you sharpen your chisels?
  • What is a safe speed?
  • What wood do you use for what?
  • How do I dry my wood?
  • Finish.

Day 1:

From tree trunk to rough shell. We saw a piece of wood from a tree trunk and at the end of the day we made bowls from it.

Day 2:

From dried raw shell to a beautifully finished shell. And/or a natural edge bowl. And/or a plate. At the end of the course you will of course take your paper(s) home.

Small group.

In a small group in the workshop of Ronald Kanne, wood turner and demonstrator, on the best lathes in the market. Robust, Oneway, Killinger, Vicmarc and the Stratos.

The next workshop is on 05 and 06/10/2023 from 9.30am – 5.30pm. The coffee/tea/lunch, the wood and the use of the tools are of course included in the price.

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