Woodcut Pro-Forme Flexi Hollower

Woodcut Pro-Forme Flexi Hollower

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Woodcut Pro-Forme Flexi Hollower.

The ultimate hollowing tools come from Woodcut in New Zealand. The cutting head of the Pro-Forme Flexi consists of a hook with a chip limiter. This chip limiter is easy and very precise to adjust over the entire cutting surface. The cutting head is mounted on a rod that is very hard and absorbs vibrations very well. The chisel is suitable for deep hollowing. The cutting head is made of hardened M2 HSS. The hook is open at the back to ensure that the head does not clog.

In use

The straight chisel is mostly used, but cannot turn “under a shoulder”. The Flexi has a semi-circular spacer that can be mounted to turn ‘under a shoulder’. That is the difference with the big brother Pro-Forme, The cutting heads cannot be changed there. The Woodcut Pro-form Flexi comes with or without a handle. An extra handle is also available. You can link the handles together. A comprehensive guide on how to use the hollowing tools can be found HERE.

16mm thick

The Flexi has a 13 mm thick shaft as standard. I thought that was weird. A 16 mm shaft is much less likely to vibrate and does not make the chisel much more expensive. So why not make a 16mm shank!? That is why the Flexis from dehoutdraaierij.nl all are heavier with a 16 mm thick rod.

Irons Toolgate

With the Irons Toolgate you create a tool rest IN your workpiece. The chisel or handle is placed on the Tool support and pivots there. This allows you to minimize  vibration as you work further away from the tool rest.


The cutting head of the Flexi can easily be sharpened with a diamond file . Move the diamond file diagonally upwards over the bevel.


If you slide the chisel far into the handle and attach a second handle, you get a super stable, hardly vibrating tool for really deep hollowing.


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