Hope negative rake scrapers ROUND

Hope negative rake scrapers ROUND


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The Hope negative rake scrapers are made to finish your workpiece or to add the finishing touch to the shape. The Hope scrapers are very heavy and therefore do not suffer from vibrations. With these scrapers you use the burr that you put on the steel. That steel is hardened M42 steel. The cutter holder is 35 mm wide, no less than 15 mm thick and 26 cm long. The part that goes into the handle has a diameter of 16 mm. This means that it actually fits in any standard handle. But of course you can also make one yourself!


Mostly the chisels are used to finish bowls. The square for the outside and the round for the inside. Because the chisels have a negative angle, they can simply be placed horizontally on the tool rest. The square scraper is not completely square but has a bit convex. The round scraper is 48 mm in diameter and the square is 48 mm wide.


As mentioned, you use the burr. You can put that burr on it with a diamond file. A coarse diamond file, for example grit 300. And now and then you have to go to the grinding machine. The round scraper comes with an attachment, so that you can sharpen it on your grinding machine with the help of a drill or cordless screwdriver.


You can of course turn the handles for these scrapers yourself. You can also take a look HERE. Take a long handle for these chisels.


You probably want both of the tools? Than CLICK HERE for the set.

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