Wundercutt 10 Rolly Munro

Wundercutt 10 Rolly Munro

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You cannot offer a series of hollowing tools without a hollowing tool from Rolly Munro. He has been making them for several decades. And they are sold all over the world. Easy and effective to work with. And now he has found some improvement points and applied them in the Wundercutt 10.


With the Wundercutt, Rolly builds on the success of the previous models. The cutter has been replaced by a carbide version. The handle has also been improved, it is much more comfortable to hold than the previous versions. The head has remained super small and can therefore do its work through very narrow openings.

In use

Use the Wundercutt in a horizontal position. If you push the knife against the wood, the cutter will start cutting. The shavings limiter ensures that the tool will not catch. The limiter is easy to adjust, but when used in wet wood, don’t put it too coarse. It can clog. The head can be placed in many positions, so that you can also work well “under a shoulder”. But if you don’t have to, put the cutter directly in line with the rod. Then the tool is the easiest to handle. If you go into the wood deep, the Toolgate is a handy tool that ensures that your tool is supported in the workpiece.


  • Wundercutt 10 (44 cm)
  • Handle (50 cm)
  • manual
  • set of keys in holder

Spare cutter

Klick here to order a spare cutter also.

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