5-piece set of wood turning tools made by Crown.

5-piece set of wood turning tools made by Crown.


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With this 5-piece set of wood turning tools you can immediately get started behind the lathe. Turning between the centers or in front of the head, you can make all shapes. The chisels and gouges are made in Sheffield from high quality HSS steel. So you don’t waste your time sharpening. This set is composed on the basis of what is pleasant to work and not because they must be able to fit in a box. The set is therefore not in a box …

You will find an instruction video of all these chisels on this page.

The set consists of:

1- Roughing gouge. A wide (32 mm) roughing gouge with which you usually start your work between the centers. The chisel has a long handle (35cm) so that it can also be pressed against the body.

2- detail gouge. A not too wide (13mm) well manoeuvrable spindle gouge with a short handle for easy steering.

3- Skew. Skew of 25mm wide. The chisel is oval which, when you are just starting to turn, may be a bit more difficult to handle, but once you are used to it, the oval shape of this skew makes a universal chisel with many uses.

4- Parting Tool. 6 mm wide.

5- Bowl gouge 16 mm wide. This bowl gouge comes with a “fingernail” sharpened edge with a sharpening angle of 55 degrees. This allows you to quickly remove material from both the inside and the outside of the bowl.

A set of woodturning tools that you will enjoy for a lifetime!


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