Four-centered Claw Talon Chuck

Four-centered Claw Talon Chuck


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Talon, the ' Heavy Duty chuck '. Designed for super grip on smaller workpieces.

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The Talon is the medium four claw of Oneway. The diameter of the body is about 10 cm. This four claw is excellent for work with a diameter up to 35 cm. The Talon chuck comes standard with ribbed nr 2 pelvis, a worm screw and an adapter for the shaft of your lathe. Choose the right threaded adapter in the pull down menu above.

Talon chucks:

  • Are made of high quality steel.
  • Have ' nickel plated ' bodies.
  • Have hardened pelvis and tooth wreath
  • Have ' manganese phosphate ' coated scroll. For pleasant grip and against rust.
  • With Single-Hand control of the tooth wreath key.
  • Have the patented Over-Extension Safety System. This ensures that the pelvis during the work does not loosen the body.
  • Come standard with the universal ribbed pelvic number 2.
  • Robust design. The different parts can be

To give this Talon a fixed place if IE is not on the lathe there is a handy attribute available. The Talon Basin are not interchangeable with Strongholdbekken.


Additional information

Screwthreat chuck

1 – 10 LH, 1 – 12 RH, 1 – 14 RH, 1 – 8 TPI, 1-1/2 – 8 RH, 1-1/4 – 10 RH, 1-1/4 – 12 RH, 1-1/4 – 7 RH, 1¼ – 8 TPI, 3/4 – 10 RH, 5/8 – Plain, M25 x 1,5 mm, M40 * 6 RH


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